Artificial Lift

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Leen Energy Supply is your source for supplying artificial lift system components. These components are integral to the functioning of artificial lift systems, which are essential for maintaining or increasing production rates from oil and gas wells.

Some of the components that Leen Energy supply include:

  • Sucker Rods, Pony Rods & Rod Couplings
  • Polish Rods & Rod Clamps
  • Sentinel Polish Rod Protection Systems
  • Stuffing Boxes & Packing
  • Rod Rotator Units & Parts
  • Bonnet/Companion Flanges
  • Tubing J55/L80
  • Pup Joints, Flow Tees, EUE Swages & Nipples
  • Plunger Lift Components
  • Pressure Isolation Valves, Batteries & Switches
  • Bridal Cables, Brake Cables, Belt Guards
  • Pumpjacks & Cement Pads
  • Gas Engines, Jack Shafts, VFDs & Electric Motors

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